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About SharoNeeZ

SharoNeeZ Emephia is an Inspirational speaker, a seasoned Journalist and a Prolific writer. She has trained and managed thousands of people in various aspects of professional and personal development. She has worked with such organizations as The Nigeria Immigrations Service headquarters, Delta State government and Believers’ Loveworld for several years.

SharoNeeZ is the CEO of Living Dreams Publications & Ventures, Publishers of SHARONEEZ Magazine, your best selling, World-class LiFestyle, Self-Help and Inspirational Resource; including many other resource materials such as Greatness in Your Eyes Book, Greatness in your Eyes…Nugget 365; Pastor WHY?; Love Scripts, and many other Best sellers.

She has handled various high profile leadership responsibilities, and has worked very closely with some of the most seasoned leaders around the globe.

Sharon is also the CEO of Jubilee Consult, the foremost Capacity Building & Events Planning/Management Outfit; as well as the President and Founder of Talent-Support Foundation (TSF), a non-governmental organization, operating from Nigeria to the rest of the world, geared towards Youth Empowerment, Charities and Community Development.

She is a dynamic Personality, passionate about helping people discover and actualize their purpose for being, by harnessing their talents and potentials; consequently galvanizing them to living their dreams to the fullest. She is a highly sought after speaker and her impact is fast spreading across the globe.