SharoNeeZ: Great to have you 2face; and I’mso delighted to have this chat with you.

2face: It’s my pleasure too, and thanks for having me.

SharoNeeZ: Can we get to meet 2face Idibia?

2face: I am Innocent Idibia a.k.a 2face, a.k.a Tubaba, a.k.a A guy. I’m a cool guy, I love peace. I am from Benue state in Nigeria and I’ve got one love for everybody.

SharoNeeZ: So how did this whole thing start? Was it a childhood dream or you stumbled into it?

2face: Singing has always been my childhood dream. I have never dreamt of doing anything else all my life and I have always pictured myself on stage, even as a child.

It started from when I was quite young. I just discovered that I loved to sing and I was making music and singing all over my home – in the bathroom, corridor, and balcony – everywhere. Sometimes the passion for music used to hit me hard and would think something had gone wrong with me. Today they are proud of me and I thank God I followed my heart. It all started in school, but I was doing it for fun, just for the love of it. After my secondary school education, I went to the University of Jos, in Plateau state, Nigeria, for a year and while I was there, I was part of a group called “Bad Manners”. Thereafter I left University of Jos for IMT Enugu. At IMT I continued doing music just for the love of it, and as time went on, little monies started coming in for me to keep myself until I partnered with Black face and Faze in Plantateun Boyz. It wasn’t easy. There were lots of rough and tough situations. We didn’t have money, no one knew us; we had to just forge on despite the challenges, until a few people started believing in us; and we were given the opportunity to express ourselves and show what we could do. Gradually we gained acceptance and now you know the rest of the story. It’s quite Amazing. Looking at you now doesn’t seem like you had any challenges starting out. Were your parents/family in support of your musical career when you just started?

2face: My parents weren’t. They wanted me to at least pick a first degree before proceeding to music; but the passion for music was burning in me; so when I left school after my Ordinary National Diploma(OND), I was meant to continue with my Higher National Diploma (HND) SharoNeeZ: but I just forgot about it and went to Lagos to continue my musical career with the Plantateun Boyz. When my parents saw the passion I had for music as a career they gave their blessing, and today I am grateful to God that I followed my heart.

SharoNeeZ: Was there music in the house?

2face: Yeah. My parents loved music and back then, they had a whole lot of records and genre of songs and that made me to have a good understanding of music, even from a tender age.

SharoNeeZ: This is getting quite interesting. It is generally believed that it was your connect with Kenniz Muzik that gave you the break.

2face: You know there are different stages in life. As a solo artiste, before Kenniz Muzik, I was part of a group – plantaseun Boyz; and the first time we came out, we were very successful. Our first album was huge, it was massive; though the second album wasn’t as successful as the first one; it was by the first album everyone got to know about us 2face, Black face and Faze. Thereafter I went solo with Kenniz, and you know 2face: The awards are numerous, I can’t readily remember, but I can remember some key ones. The AMEN awards, Excellence award, MTV Award, Channel O award, African-Australian music Award, Sound city, Ghana music award, South African Music award. Also some recognition from Liberia, Cotre de voir and Benin Republic.

SharoNeeZ: You flagged off a foundation few months ago. What is the Foundation basically about?

2face: The theme of the Foundation is “Service to Humanity”. It is my own little way of supporting the less privileged people. I really do not want to make public the support my foundation gives to under privileged Nigerians. It’s between me and God.

SharoNeeZ: What’s the specific target of your foundation?

2face: The focus is on the less privileged kids that have talents, to help explore their talents; and also I want to focus on defending human rights by engaging the services of lawyers. A lot of youths, young men and women are picked up by the police and locked up for not committing any crime, and without trial. Most of these youths are innocent before they are locked up, but by the time they get into the cells they mix up with criminals and actually become criminals, they become worse than they were before. The 2face foundation will hire lawyers that will plead the case of these innocent Nigerians.