SharoNeeZ: It is my pleasure Faze and I am excited to have you. Can we get to meet you?

Faze: Thanks SharoNeeZ. My real names are Orji Chibuzor Richard and you know me as Faze. I’m a cool headed person (I no like CaSaLa). I like making friends,  communicating with a lot of people, expanding my w o r l d and b a s i c a l l y expanding Nigeria the best way I can. Can you tell us a little about growing up?

Faze: I am from Delta State in Nigeria and basically from a family of nine, six boys and three girls, and I’m the fourth child. I am twin to a girl Ify. She is married now and has a baby. I went to Nazareth Primary School, that’s in F e s t a c , L a g o s S t a t e . Thereafter I attended the F e d e r a l G o v e r n m e n t Secondary School and also, Festac Grammer School from where I proceeded to Edo State University now known as Ambrose Ali University in Ekpoma, Edo State.

SharoNeeZ: What did you study in school?

Faze: International Relations and Diplomatic Studies; I did part time ATS 1&2 but now I found myself in music.

SharoNeeZ: How did it all start?

Faze: It started like a child’s play thing, I wasn’t taking it seriously. I started out by Rapping. They used to call me the “Lyrical Orji”, gotten from my surname and I was well known in Festac. Everybody was doing the Rap thing because that was  really the in thing then; but then I realized I had to do something different because it appeared everybody was doing the same thing. I tried the R&B thing; I was listening to the likes of Usher, Boyz 2 Men and a whole lot of people that do R&B and they became my mentors. I also did a bit of reggae. My kind of music is a fusion of everything because as the environment changed, I had to change too. Though presently I do Reggae, do not be surprised if you see me doing rap again!