SharoNeeZ: Hey SamsonG, it’s great to have you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

SamsonG: Thank you so much SharoNeeZ, and am thrilled to be here. I am from Ibusa, in Oshimilli Local government area of Delta State. I was born in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria on November 30th in the year of our Lord (Smiles). I am the seventh child and fifth son in a family of nine. I grew up in a Christian home.

My primary and secondary school education was done in Benin City, and I’m a trained accountant at the Ambrose Ali University also in Edo State. Afterwards, the one year mandatory national youth service saw me at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

SharoNeeZ: Can you kindly step a little into memory lane and tell us about your musical career – how did it all start?

SamsonG: Just like I mentioned earlier, I grew up in a Christian home and I grew up attending the 4-square gospel church in Benin City. I started singing at the age of 8 and was the lead soloist in the children’s choir.

My first album was released at the age of 15 with the Church choir; though my first major outing was in 1989 featuring with Uncle Zach in his famous song “Seek Ye First”.

In 1990, I started a group called “Praise Creation” popularly known as Pee-Cee” with a group of four guys under the management of Benjof International. The group was under the Ivory music label for 2years. I released another album “Best of Life” in the year 1996 and it made waves.

Through the years, I have also taken part in some competitions such as the Gold n Tones road show

competition in year 2000, and won in the zonal/regional finals. Also, I won the regional finals in the Star quest compe on in 2001.

SharoNeeZ: Amazing, that’s been quite a journey I must say. There’s a particular track that is so associated with you and actually was a hit when it was released and still is whenever it is played. Can you tell us about the track “Count Your Blessing” and what your motivation was for doing that track?

SamsonG:”Count your Blessing” was released in the year 2002, and was the hit that launched me into the limelight. My inspiration for this track dates back to my growing up years in the Children’s choir of the 4-square gospel church. We used to sing a lot of hymns like Old Rugged Cross”, “Blessed Assurance” and many others. I never sang those hymns the conventional way but always added some favor because I always knew music could be more interesting, and that is exactly what I did with “Count Your Blessing”.

SharoNeeZ: This is quite interesting. Wow. There’s another track from one of your albums, it’s so Dope and just takes me to another place each time I hear it. Bianule. Is it from this same album?

SamsonG: “Bianule” is from my 4th album titled “The World of my dream”. Though before this I had come out with “Still Counting”.

SharoNeeZ: Right. “Bianule” is a bit different from your usual style of music, what informed this change of style?

SamsonG Really “Bianule” is different from my R & B contemporary style and has been the most successful, probably because it was a direct inspiration from God.

The song came to me in the igbo dialect on a certain day while I was driving, which was divine because I do not speak the dialect very well. I had to get someone to really put me through what the lyrics meant. Also, the traditional undertone makes it stand out!

SharoNeeZ: Intriguing. Yours is truly a success story. Have you had any major challenges in your journey of greatness?

SamsonG: The major challenge I have had is pressure from both record labels and certain individuals, urging me to change the lyrics of my songs to mainstream Secular music. They feel that am underutilized and that gospel music limits my potentials.

Well, I think differently. God is the giver of gifts, potentials, talents and abilities; and I believe there’s no better way to fully utilize these talents than to give back to the one that gave them to me in the first place, and positively impact the lives of the people I encounter, especially the youths.

Music for me is more than just singing, it’s a lifestyle, therefore I can only sing about the kind of life I have and live.

SharoNeeZ: That was so enlightening and thought-provoking. What final word do you have for upcoming artistes and talented youths in various fields of endeavor?

SamsonG: Put the love for what you do first. Be passionate about your dreams. Money may not come in immediately, therefore it’s the love for what you do that will keep you inspired and motivated to go on. Even after the money starts coming in, it’s still the love for what you do that will keep you inspired to forge on and increase your relevance in your chosen field.

SharoNeeZ: What do we expect from Samsong in the next few years, God-willing?

SamsonG: I plan to up my game in my record label Boogiedown Records, sign up more artistes, record a song with Donnie Mclurkin and R. Kelly.

SharoNeeZ: That sounds huge Hommie. Thanks. So much for your time and for sharing with us the story of your success

SamsonG: Thanks for having me SharoNeeZ, it’s been a delight and I really do appreciate the opportunity.