SharoNeeZ:  It’s great to have you T-kross, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

T-Kross:  My name is Mustapha Bello, I’m a Christian, 6.2 tall, from Edo State Nigeria. Got brown eyes, live and breath music…(laughing) emmm what else…

SharoNeeZ: Can you step a little into memory lane and tell us about your musical career – how did it all start?

T-Kross:  It started since I was a kid. I’ve always loved music, I could sing along every Television Commercial as do other kids but I’ve had this love for music. It makes me happy, it is like a place to me not a thing. Every me I went to that place “music” everything was different in a good way. That’s how I got to join church choir, school choir, and Ive been singing ever since. I do Afro Pop and R&B music.

SharoNeeZ:  Do you have an album of your work out? Title?

T-Kross:  Right now, I only have singles but I’m dropping my album first quarter next year, 2018.

SharoNeeZ: Apart from singing, what else do you do?

T-Kross: I ‘m an engineer, over here in the States, you go a keep a job to pay the bills un l music can fully pay all of that. At least, that’s the responsible thing to do.

SharoNeeZ:  How many singles/collaborations have you done?

T-Kross:  Since 2016 till date, I have put out four singles

* Titled pepe dem featuring Oritsefemi Was released early 2016.

* Counting the money, was released mid-year and both songs had


* Mama. Which was distributed by a major record label vp

records/Vpal. Mama was reproduced by Rellee of Ateam Music

in NY, a Grammy award producer.

* No Worries. Was released in March this year and Vector was

featured in it. The song has been doing great.

In terms of shows, my brand has been getting bigger by the day, I have had to perform at festivals, Orchestra and I’ve been traveling for shows within the US to performing. Even performed at the UN in March. Had my own first event ever on Mother’s Day in Brooklyn NY, when we had to give back in music and dinner to mothers, to celebrate who they are and what they stand for. The event was tagged Hands up For Mama

SharoNeeZ: Have you had any major challenges in your journey of greatness?

T-Kross: Of course, challenges are a part of every trade or craft. I’ve had a few of what I’ll call major. One of which was relocating, Cos I had to start all over but now, everything is paying off and I can only thank God and my family.

SharoNeeZ: What word do you have for upcoming artistes and talented youths in various fields of endeavor?

T-Kross:  Believe! I know it’s a cliché, but don’t take it for granted. No matter what happens, keep believing and keep going. Many times, you would have very good reasons to quit but don’t. Cos it’s better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all.

SharoNeeZ: What do we expect from T-kross in the next few years, God-willing?

T-Kross: An album, great singles, projects outside music which will directly impact people in Africa and Nigeria. Giving back greatly to women and young People.

SharoNeeZ: Which is your favorite color?

T-Kross: I’d say white, brown and red. Not sure anymore

SharoNeeZ: Favorite holiday spot?

T-Kross: Benin City, being home with my family and siblings especially at Christmas.

SharoNeeZ: Favorite meal?

T-Kross:  Yam and fried eggs

SharoNeeZ: Most embarrassing moment ever?

T-Kross: When I had to add “baby” while soloing in church many years ago but had to quickly change it to “baby Jesus”.

Thank God it was Christmas me so many people didn’t notice

SharoNeeZ:  Happiest moment so far?

T-Kross: My family.

Thank you so much for your me and for sharing with us the story of your success
Thank you for having me.

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