Many people have the wrong impression that powerful, wealthy and influential people must be arrogant and unapproachable, but that is not right because the way up is down and that is why most truly great men and women are humble. If you want to be great in life, you must cultivate the attitude of humility and gratitude. These are two keys to greatness in life. Great men know how to say “Thank you” for anything you do for them or give to them, regardless of how trivial it may seem. On the other hand, small men are brash and ungrateful; they find it difficult to say ‘Thank You’, no matter what you do or give to them, however great or small.
As you get greater in life, learn to appreciate people and be more humble. That’s the only way to perpetuate your greatness. So if you want to measure the level of your greatness, then measure the level of your gratefulness and humility. The more grateful and humble you are, the greater you actually are.

Don’t try to make yourself great by your own strength or ability; rather, humble yourself and God will make you greater and greater every day.
Humility and gratitude are your ladders to a great future. Great men respect people’s time because they know what they do with their own time. Some people erroneously think keeping people waiting unnecessarily for hours or days is a sign of greatness, but it’s not. Truly great men respect people, they do not underrate anyone – no matter how lowly placed they seem – because they understand that life is in phases, just as men are in sizes, and that God is the Lifter of men! Deliberately develop an attitude of gratitude and humility today. These are two very vital keys to greatness. I’ll see you at the top!