Quite recently, it dawned on me that I have been meeting lots of younger people – I mean people that could safely be referred to as “up-coming” in various fields than I ever had before now and one thing has been striking about every one of them: a strong desire to become successful and influential in life. Most of them though, do not know how, just have a strong desire to be great. They feel it deep within them.

I knew my encountering these youths was not accidental because I have been trained to know that in life “challenges gravitate towards their solution” therefore I knew I was the solution to their needs. For every one of these youths I come in close touch with, I deliberately create an atmosphere for us to chat so as to understand their mind-set and then, begin to take them to the next level of success with words, because I have been raised to know that great men and women are made by words; and also, that the first thing that must change in your quest for greatness is your mind set, your perception of things and issues of life. Each time, I spoke with these ‘youths’, I saw greatness in their eyes!

Work on BEING and not on HAVING, because with what you ARE you will HAVE. How true this statement is? You must understand that the world is full of two kinds of people – those who are helping others, and those who are waiting to be helped. You have the responsibility to make up your mind which group you will belong to. I made up my mind a long me ago to be a helper and builder of people.

Success in life is not all about amassing material things, but in impacting the world with the investment on your personality, making your world better than the way you met it. This means for you to be truly successful in life, you have the responsibility to have first invested in yourself to the level where you can have something to impart your world with; something to give to your world. A great man and indeed an outstanding success in his field of endeavor, recounting the story of his success once said “Look out for a human need and meet it. Anybody can be a success”

True success in life is tied to discovering and fulfilling your purpose in life. For instance, have you ever stopped to ask yourself: why am I here now and not in the fifteenth century? Why are you fashioned the way you are and sent to this planet? Success in life is finding out why you came and fulfilling it. No matter how beautiful or well made a product is, if it fails to achieve the purpose for which the manufacturer produced it, it has failed!

What is that thing that comes naturally to you without you having to think or work it up? That’s your gift. That is the seed of greatness in you. Work on it, develop it to become a skill and within it lies your purpose. Your life can be more fulfilling and your thinking more fruitful when you discover your purpose for being and go about fulfilling it.

Once you have discovered the area of your gifting, task your mind to become the best in that field by going for more knowledge because the future belongs to those who are knowledgeable. That is why it is imperative for young people to go to school. Educate yourself; make sure you read the necessary materials that will enhance your intellectual capabilities.

Do not spend all your time reading newspapers or watching everything on television; otherwise, you would merely end up on the sidelines of life; reading the news, when you should be making the news! Think at a higher level. Dream big. Refuse mediocrity; polish yourself by opening your mind to current and relevant information. I’m not just talking about reading international magazines and listening to international news. I’m talking about activating your mental prowess, using your mind, having a motivation and strong propensity to acquire more knowledge to be excellent, being the best at what you do.

Do not just dream of being influential someday in the future but become influential now by giving yourself to study. You should read and improve yourself by investing in your mind.

There are some folks who have been through school but haven’t learnt to task their minds. You see, it is not enough to know everything in your course curriculum in school; the world is bigger than your chosen field of specialization. You must begin to task your mind to learn at least, little about other fields. You must always create the time and opportunity to learn more.

You do not necessarily have to become a university professor to be successful. The real issue is you improving your intelligence and your understanding of things in life around you. Train yourself to learn about other fields. Discipline yourself to acquire knowledge. That way, you are improving your value and relevance in today’s world.

Let this information spark off something in you and cause you to begin to take giant steps in your field of endeavor. Enroll for a course, buy books and make out time to study. Ensure that reading this book will propel you to take a decisive step towards your dream and cause you to carry out more research in your chosen field; because the one that becomes great is the one that does something with the information he receives and not the one that just gathers information. Take your steps towards your dream today!