Hey Ladies, How have you been? It feels so good to share my thought with you on this edition. Independence is the modern day sex appeal, and it’s more appealing than just good looks and the right curves. To be independent means you don’t need a man, or anyone else to support you, or keep you happy. To be independent means to be FREE from outside Control or
Influence. Miss Independent. That’s right. M o r e  i m p o r t a n t l y , Independence also means you set your own rules for your life. It means, for example, in the dating aspect of your life, you can date anyone you want, whenever you
want (Note that Dating doesn’t mean Having Sex). It means going out for Coffee, a drink or seeing movies together. Until
you are exclusive with a guy, that is, until a particular guy commits to you, he has no right to tell you what to do. So first up; don’t be easy, Be independent Ladies!

The second trait of an independent chic is basically being busy. Get a life! Have many sensible Friends, start a small
business or two, serve in at least a charity group; join an exercise group, find something that ignites your passion and do it!
S u r e , y o u r dating l i f e i s important, but so is your Health, Your Wealth, your Spiritual and Social Life; so give attention to these areas of your life. When you have a Life, you are basically making the men you meet PURSUE you. Make them WORK to earn a spot on your busy schedule. Trust me, the ones who will make the effort are the o n e s w h o a re w o r t h y o u r attention!

Finally, being a Tease is a sexy trait of an Independent chic. Being a Tease doesn’t mean being rude, manipulative or
degrading; being a Tease doesn’t  mean being a “Mean girl”; when it comes to being a Tease, the key word is being fun. The key is being so much fun to be with, that whenever guys think of you, they’ll always associate you with Good feelings.
Too many women give the men they meet BAD VIBES. So don’t make that mistake. Be a Tease. Be playful. Be coy. Not Boring. Not weepy. Not Dramatic . N o t Needy. An independent woman is totally unforgettable, Fun to be w i t h , F e m i n i n e , Creative , Industrious, and knows how to make her man feel larger than Life. So are you fun? Do you have a life? Are you an Independent chic?